Have you experienced loss, are you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and unsure of what comes next? Are you ready for a change but baffled how to make that happen? Let me help you find your authentic self, get in touch with what motivates you, become adept at listening to yourself and less fearful of what comes next, able to move past your fears and pain.
As a solution oriented, systems referenced therapist let me help you learn to be mindful of yourself and able to identify your feelings and facts in the moment. Together we can open the door to being able to acknowledge your strengths as well as your weaknesses.  As you prioritize securing yourself, you will find more healthy and effective coping skills. The reward of your hard work can be a renewed and healthy sense of power in your world - the ability to handle what life throws at you without losing your sense of self.

I treat Individuals, Couples & Families. Women’s issues hold a prominent place in my practice. The stages in a woman’s life, hormonal changes, and transitions - girlhood to womanhood, pregnancy, postpartum depression, motherhood, menopause and empty nest are examples of the special needs of women.

Issues Commonly Addressed


Compulsive disorders




Adjustment to change

Life Transitions




My therapeutic approach depends on your individual situation. I utilize

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

Emotion Focused therapy

Reality Therapy

Solution Focused

Person Centered Therapy

Most insurances taken. Please call 281-972-4870 or check with your provider to verify coverage.