Resiliency | Willingness | Courage

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Resiliency, Willingness and Courage open the doors to awareness healing and change. 

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For many years I have had the privilege of joining my clients in the process of change.  Three things that stand out and remain constant are resiliency, willingness, and courage. 

Resiliency:  This is illustrated in the ability of the individual, family, community to come back from or adapt to difficult circumstances.  Never underestimate their strength and resourcefulness.

Willingness:  This becomes evident when one reflects the ability to recognize that their present ways of coping with pain and loss are no longer effective.  The willingness to risk, to consider new ideas, to utilize mindfulness, to respond to what they know, enables them to establish a grounded secure self. 

Courage: It takes courage to acknowledge one’s defects and limitations. It takes courage to accept that what one is doing isn’t working and it takes courage to change.

My Mission

Is to promote positive change and a strong sense of self based on helping you find successful resolution to the problems that are most important to you.  Together we collaborate to establish your goals.